Tiantai Jinyu Twine Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1983, Tiantai Jinyu Twine Co., Ltd. is a stock manufacturer and exporter of ramie stripes and flax velvets. We are the only ramie processing company of Zhejiang province; most of our products are for exports. At the same time, Tiantai Jinyu Twine Co., Ltd is the only flax bio-degumming enterprise of China. Tiantai Jinyu Twine Co., Ltd.There are 4 workshops in our company from degumming and combing to processing. Basing on good method, rich natural resource and latest combing machines, Jinyu has the good abilities to provide you with the highest class ramie stripes (1,600S to 2,500S) and flax fibers. There are common ramie stripes, top-grade ramie strips and special-purposed ramie stripes for you to choose, and your satisfaction is the only criterion of our products.

Quality and honesty business are number one priority to us! There are 286 employees in Jinyu now, 28 of them are technicians, and they have special abilities on the researching of combing methods of ramie fibers. From 2005, Jinyu has invested CNY 12 million in the research and development of new technologies and manufacturing methods. Up to now, Jinyu has successfully become the only deglued flax single-fiber supplier in the world: First, Jinyu purchases top-grade flax from France and process it with the latest bio-degumming methods, after that we get the single-fiber of flax; second, we blend this single-fiber of flax with other fibers to produce the new blended fibers, which own better quality and performance, and these new fibers can be used in other fields and applications that are unsuitable for pure flax fibers.